over Flow

over Flow

Overflow Pool

Pool system Overflow one of the systems with the inherent nature as it is the oldest pool design has now fallen because of the cost as it is composed of the body the initial to the pool is that the customer choice in addition to the course of the Overflow that called the pool proportion of them which is a course of concrete installed in the body of the pool attached to ceramic and covered by grills or marble as the shape and the desire of the client which add a beautiful form of the pool where the water filling the pool and flooding on the sides even out of the pool to the stream passing through the grills up to create sound trickling water, like a small waterfall as well as a pool, it's full of capacity, but he need to balance the reservoir
additional to the room pumps.

And This is some of Overflow pool :-

overflow (1)

overflow (2)

overflow (3)

overflow (4)

overflow (5)

overflow (6)